October 8, 2015

Effective Presentation – Things to remember while presenting

Generally people try to memorize the information which not preferred in presentations this way you are not able to deliver the information effectively to your audience. A presentation style should be interactive and explanatory. It requires good knowledge and communication skill. Knowledge of the Audience know your audience Establish and maintain the rapport Greet appropriately […]

Presentation Skills

“Is doing MBA the wise choice right after graduation?”

Most of the time students are in dilemma – whether they want career advancement with an MBA degree right after graduation or perhaps really should invest time waiting for couple of work experience, and go for your MBA degree later. Students with prior job expertise favored within top B schools also recruiter’s offers big money to […]


Evolution of Marketing – Four eras of the evolution of marketing

The field of marketing has changed over a period of time, these times are often characterized with practices and challenges of Marketing. In this MBA Notes you will come to know about History of Marketing Concepts. Four eras of the evolution of marketing Production Era (late 1800s) Sales Era (1930s to 1950s) Marketing Era ( 1950s […]