1. Research Cell

Research Cell of the College functions with the following objectives:

  • Encourage members of the staff to pursue M.Phil. and Ph.D. studies.
  • Motivate members of the staff to undertake Minor Research Projects.
  • Guide members of the staff in organizing workshops and seminars for staff and students.
  • Encourage the staff, teaching and non-teaching, to participate in seminars and workshops.
  • Persuade students to take up small research based projects.
  1. Teacher Guardian Cell

Teachers Guardian Cell has a main objective to enhance the Interaction between the Teachers and Parents of the Students. This Cell Conducts the Annual Parents Teachers Meeting called “Setu” to share the Ideas and Problems.

Home and school—everyone shares the goal of helping students learn and feel successful. Research has proved that when parents and teachers work together, everyone benefits: students tend to earn higher grades, perform better on tests, attend classes more regularly, have better behavior, and show more positive attitudes towards themselves and towards their Institutes. Institute programs that include strong parent involvement are more effective!

Parent involvement in student’s education goes beyond contributing to class parties or attending PTA meetings. To be effective, parent involvement has to be a partnership between the family and the Institute to assure that students are learning to the best of their ability, that they feel safe and supported, and that their parents feel well informed and involved in making decisions that affect their ward’s experience. At the same time, a strong home- Institute partnership means teachers perceive that parents are concerned about their children’s education and promote positive attitudes toward Institute and learning.

The purpose of this meeting is:

  • To discuss the progress of academic performance of the students, in the curricular and non-curricular activities.
  • To create awareness among the parents that, they too are responsible for the growth of the students.
  1. Consultancy cell

Learning is the continuous process in human life especially in higher education. Commerce Education is the life education to the human being. Consultancy in the colleges is an “Activity Based Learning” is very important and more effective. Considering the present scenario, majority of the learning is “non – activity” based i.e. passive learning process which leads to non –capability, non Employability and non Operational i.e. non CEO in the employment and business market. Consultancy is very essential in Management education because, practical and applied exposure will be given to the Management students and teachers.