The most overlooked aspect while opting for the management colleges in Nagpur is teaching methodologies. Teaching and training are important but creating a thirst for knowledge by questioning, encouraging and challenging, is the most crucial task. This thirst is quenched by PLTIMSR’s pedagogical approach to management education, which provokes students to think beyond textbooks and encourages them to construct their own bridges to find real-time solutions. Our teaching methodology realizes its challenge to create an effective mix between theory and practice. Conceptually, most learning systems emphasize that, while some learners learn by passive, reflective listening, many others learn by actively “doing”. Our teaching is a balance between the delivery of information or the demonstration of a procedure, and opportunities for students to apply that information in hands-on practice, exercise, case-studies, role plays etc.

During the first year of the program, you will gain competence in core areas, with the three terms being structured around the key themes ‘Tools and Techniques’, ‘Managing the Organization’ and ‘Engaging with the World’.

The second year allows you a great deal of choice and flexibility. You will differentiate yourself according to your strengths and preferences and improve on your weaknesses.