In spite of recent shift in trends, MBA continues to be the preferred degree for students trying to make inroads into the corporate sector. Most companies focus on this qualification while picking future industry leaders. With a plethora of Management colleges in Nagpur, one needs to be sure of some details while picking their college of dreams.

What field of management do you want to pursue?

Absolute clarity is a must when it comes to choosing the management field you want to specialize in. MBA courses in Nagpur are plenty to choose from, but these are all expensive lifetime investments.  Thus one needs pick just the right program to put their money on.

3 types of Management Courses are prevalent:

  1. PGDM – It is short for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Only autonomous institutes recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) offer this course. It is industry oriented, helping to mould the students into all rounded management professionals.
  2.  MBA – The most common of the lot is the MBA course. The Master in Business Administration degree is more theoretical in approach, training the aspirants in the different aspects of the field. Of all MBA institutes in Nagpur, Priyadarshini Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Management Studies and Research is one of the rare ones to have been granted the autonomous status.
  3.  MMS – The Master in Management Studies program tends to follow a University prescribed syllabus just like that in MBA, but leans more towards imparting industry specific practical know-how than an MBA program.

While you clamour to take a spot during MBA admission in Nagpur, don’t forget to do through research of the kind of program the college has to offer before enrolling into any.

Objective of Course

Objective of Course

The main objective of offering MBA courses in Nagpur by PLTIMSR’Sis to prepare the students with analytical ability, in-depth knowledge and required skills needed to face this fiercely competitive global market.

The Master of Business Administration program through priyadarshini is specifically designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager in a variety of organizational settings. It is a broad-based, career advancement degree rather than technical training for a particular job within an organization. The main idea of offering MBA admission in Nagpur to the aspirants is to provide them a platform that will support their development as effective managers in a variety of organizational settings.

Specifically, PLTIMSR’S MBA program is designed to provide the opportunity to develop:

  • The analytical skills for decision making in a business world of complex business issues and problems.
  • The organizational skills for the effective implementation of policy in the context of the organization.
  • An understanding of the body of knowledge in the functional areas of business
  • The skills of leadership, teamwork, and supervision.
  • Skills of effective oral and written communication, presentation, and critical thinking.
  • An understanding of and ability to use technology as a tool of effective management
  • Abilities for ethical decision-making.
  • The ability to function effectively in a diverse and global business environment.
  • These objectives can be broken down into two central themes and six core competencies, which will be integrated into the curriculum of MBA college classes in Nagpur.

Two Central Themes

Analytical Skills for Decision Making

Organizational Skills for Policy Implementations

Six Score Competencies


Global Environment





Master in Business Administration

Master in Business Administration

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration as it is also known, is aninternationally recognized degree. The MBA degree is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world and isnot restricted to the business world only, it is often preferred by the employers of the public sector, private sector and government organization, who are seeking to fill management and supervisory positions.

Popular Career Options for MBA’s

Popular Career Options for MBA’s

After earning a Master’s in Business Administration, the career opportunities and profiles that open up for MBA graduates are:

Management Consultant

Marketing Manager

Investment Banker

Operations Manager

Financial Advisor

If a student has a good academic record then he/shehave high chances of getting a job in big and recognized organization. An MBA graduate can also work in mid-size companies and non-profit organizations for some years of experience. Other career options include consulting positions or entrepreneurship.

MBA degrees frequently lead to upper management positions. A new grad may not start out in such a positionbut certainly has the opportunity to move up the career ladder faster than non-MBA counterparts.

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

All MBA admission in nagpur to Priyadarshini Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Management Studies & Research, Nagpur, are strictly done on the basis of merit. Strict transparency is practiced and college has not authorized any agent or agency for the admission of the students. So, parents and students are sincerely requested not to fall prey to such kind of unscrupulous agents or any agencies.

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