A Visionary Stands Tall

Dr. Satish Chaturvediji –  Chairman’s Vision

While nurturing young minds to lead the technocrats of the country, quality education and intellectual capital take the center stage. The country needs competent individuals who can keep pace with the ever emerging and constantly changing technology and its continual modifications. Lokmanya Tilak Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha, Nagpur is a group of institutions that have dedicated resources to convert this vision into a reality.

The Sanstha established in 1983, derives its philosophy from the magnanimous mathematician, educationist, social reformer and a great philosopher Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. It makes relentless efforts to inculcate his ideology of new system of education to manifest the dream of modern India through value-based education. This ideology is practiced in all 28 institutes run by the Sanstha.

The mission of the Sanstha is to generate an effective synchronization among academicians, professionals, technocrats, managers, and students so as to achieve excellence in the field of technical education. The Sanstha is committed to meet the national aspirations through its budding new age technocrats and entrepreneurs.

The youth force of India is now ready to take up any global challenges presented to them. This force has to be equipped with the latest intellectuals in their respective fields. We possess a team of dedicated academicians who have an unflagging spirit of accepting challenges and turning them into opportunities. The Sanstha plays a major role by facilitating the development of core competencies of our academicians who in turn will train our students to challenge every hurdle. We are in the process of continual efforts to excel ourselves and compete with the best.

I welcome you to our ever-increasing fraternity and be a part of the change.



Smt. Abha Chaturvediji – From Secretary’s Desk

Selecting the right college is the first step towards building a remarkable career. The decision, therefore, is of paramount importance for all budding technocrats. It’s a key that opens doors of unlimited possibilities and endless opportunities for growth and a rewarding future. The choice is crucial.

You need an institute that caters to the basic need of gaining education abreast with the current trend and prepares you to be industry ready with all added features.  An institute that lives your dream as their own and strives to fulfill it with the help of trained professionals ready to facilitate you out at every step.

We strongly believe that true education is not merely academics but extends itself beyond classrooms & laboratories. It trains you to develop an optimistic outlook and view each problem as a challenge. It develops the spirit of a frontrunner. Besides being a cause for campus and community development, the effort can be educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

I strongly believe that once you step in you will be forever a member of the LTJSS family. Our faculties who are our pillars of strength are known for their energy, erudition, academic achievements, teaching abilities and devotion to duty. The educational Institutions of the Sanstha have been helping our students with an objective to achieve progressive academic competency and professional enhancement. We will judge your success with the benchmark as to how well your potential has been utilized as a student and as a professional.

I welcome new aspirants with a hope they will cherish throughout their lives, the meaningful interaction they have had here.



Shri. Dushyant Chaturvediji – Director (G.B )

As we advance rapidly into the 21st century the domains of technicality have undergone a

tremendous change. It is no longer a part of life but life itself. Engineering thus has become synonymous to new beginnings and technological developments in all spheres of life. It has touched the edge of almost all aspects of an individual’s being and existence.

Technological education, therefore, has become imperative to be given in a scientific manner and with hands-on experience. I personally believe in creating an infrastructure that is built and developed for tomorrow’s challenges rather than necessities of today. With this thought in mind, LTJSS has taken up the responsibility of giving a new dimension to engineering education, a new look and new approach which will make our students future ready.  We believe in making our students capable of leading from the front instead of being followers. Welcome then to the leaders in the education field if you want to lead the world of tomorrow…. Today.

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

All MBA admissions to Priyadarshini Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Management Studies & Research, Nagpur, are strictly done on the basis of merit. Strict transparency is practiced and college has not authorized any agent or agency for the admission of the students. So, parents and students are sincerely requested not to fall prey to such kind of unscrupulous agents or any agencies.

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